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As a graduate of Saint Louis University, School of Medicine, Dr. Chao has earned numerous accolades such as the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine’s 200th Anniversary Essay Contest Winner (Title of NEJM Scholar), the Jayne M. Perkins Scholarship for dementia research at Washington University in Saint Louis, has presented findings on occult dementia and COPD across the nation, and is also a fellow with the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS).

Armed with extensive medical knowledge, Peter and Ray are uniquely positioned to provide their clients with thorough understanding of their medical backgrounds and the most suitable—and affordable—life insurance policies for their individual needs.


Combined with Mr. Shakuri’s technical expertise, CS Insurance will negotiate with hundreds of the best insurers across the nation to provide you with the ideal policy, ranging from high-risk clients to young families saving for their kids’ college tuition using indexed universal life (IUL) plans to DUI-clients who are otherwise uninsurable, yet still able to find coverage through our contacts and experience.


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