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RS Insurance is an insurance firm that is based in the sun-filled city of San Diego. We are San Diego’s life insurance experts, and offer service to clients all over Southern California.



High-Risk Life Insurance Coverage

Having a High-Risk Life Insurance policy in your corner will fully cover risky or life-threatening health complications, including transplants, disease, diabetes, cancer, and even substance abuse. Never worry about paying high premiums or getting declined for coverage. There are no medical exams required and pre-existing conditions are accepted. Click here to discuss all the possibilities with a life insurance agent.


Term-Life Insurance Coverage

Term-Life Insurance will provide full coverage for a set period of time up to 30 years. Financial support is given to your loved ones, keeping them afloat after your passing. Learn how money will be available for funeral and burial expenses, credit card debt payoffs, and beneficiaries maintaining their current lifestyles. Start preparing for the future with a universal policy that builds a nest egg over time to be dispersed evenly among your dependents and beneficiaries.


Retirement Coverage

Get peace of mind when you decide to live out your Golden Years comfortably with a guaranteed paycheck waiting for you to claim. The daily grind ceases, but you will still get cash flow for a comfortable lifestyle when you stop working. Finally, take a seat and relax from all those years of taking care of your family. It is now time for you to be taken care of. Retirement coverage becomes more difficult to obtain as you get older, so get it while you still can.

About US

RS Insurance Group specializes in helping clients obtain the right insurance coverage despite complex medical histories or “high-risk” illnesses. Founded by a real estate agent and financial advisor in San Diego, RS Insurance Group focuses on providing in-depth expertise about many insurance policies. Get fast, courteous, and friendly service by phone or email for coverage that is priceless. Why pay higher rates when you can get the protection you need with us for a lower price?

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High Risk Life Insurance

No matter what serious illness or debilitating disease you suffer, get the right amount of protection you are entitled to from a reliable High-Risk Life Insurance policy. Underwriters determine the qualifications for this type of insurance plan based on age and other risk factors. In fact, getting this specific insurance policy is best for workers in industries where there is a high risk of fatal injuries or patients with chronic medical conditions. High Risk Life Insurance from RS Insurance Group gives you an inexpensive way to get coverage. Click here for a free quote.


Life Insurance No Medical Exam

Never worry about taking a medical exam or providing health information that will disqualify you. Your current health condition does matter to us. The Life Insurance No Medical Exam policy we offer covers everything. Get long-term care when you need it the most and set up your family for an easy ride with no associated future costs if something unfortunate happens to you. Get approved by requesting a quote and speaking with our life insurance agents today.


Mortgage Protection

What will happen to a mortgage if the loan recipient passes away? Get a lump sum to pay off the mortgage loan to reduce the burden on the family. Click here to learn more about how to get Mortgage Protection.


Save On Life Insurance

Save on life insurance with our long list of policies. Get burial and funeral expenses paid at a price that anyone can afford. Never worry about how you will pay for these stressful situations.


Save For Retirement - Annuities

Grow your wealth basket with a universal policy. Preserve your estate and protect your financials so when you pass every asset is evenly distributed among your dependents and beneficiaries. Leave behind a nice amount to pay off debts, fees, taxes, or liabilities. Click here for a free quote.


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